In IBPS CWE Exam, most of the students face difficulty in the english section of the common written exam so we are starting a series of articles to help you understand some of the very basic stuff in english which can help you in your preparation. These are very small things but things where many of us commit silly mistakes. As the competition is tough, there is no room for silly mistakes. We hope these articles will help you score more in the question paper.

Use of ‘An’

  1. Before words beginning with vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u are called vowels, others are called consonants) Example: an apple, an egg, an owl.
  2. Before words beginning with silent ‘h’. example: an hour, an honorable man, an heir, an honest man.
  3. F,H,L,M,N,R,S,X are letters that are not vowels but begin with vowel sound.Example: ‘M’ has the sound of ’em’.So, ‘an’ is used before abbrevations beginning with vowels or these letters. Example: an MLA, an R.A.F, an S.P., an LEA school.

Use of ‘A’

  1. In the sense of one. Eg: He couldn’t speak a word to save himself. a one-man show, a one-rupee note
  2. Before words beginning with consonant sound. Eg: a boy, a book
  3. With vowel letters having consonant sound. Eg: a university, a unique article
  4. With units and rate(per) Eg: He earns six hundred a month. Give me  a metre length of cloth.
  5. In exclamatory expressions before singular countable nouns. Eg: What a pretty girl!
  6. When two subjects or articles are thought of as a single unit. Eg: He was ready with a cup and saucer.
  7. With certain expressions of quantity. Eg: a lot of, a dozen, a great deal of, a couple.
  8. With a person’s name to indicate that the person is perhaps unknown to the person addressed. Eg: A sardarji is at the door
  9. With a special meal. Eg: A dinner was arranged to welcome the principal.
  10. To make a common noun of a proper noun. Eg: This man is “a second Einstein”

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