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IBPS Common written examination for the recruitment of clerks-II is on head. All of you must be studying very hard to get through the exam and also everyone is seeking some kind of tips for the very first Online mode exam. Some tips which will clear your doubts are as below. Just Read on-

Overall Preparation Tips:

  •  Key to got through IBPS exams would be keeping your basic fundas in its right place and right time-allocation in the test, these two things will ensure decent marks.
  • It is very important to formulate an exam strategy. Predetermining (on the basis of your mocks and stuff, but not very rigidly) things like, which questions to mark, how much time to leave for reviewing your answers/entire paper, etc. does help.
  • Mostly students find Quant section tuff so for Quant, revise all formula from your study material or from wherever you are studying . This will really help.
  • If you are practicing mocks and not scoring good marks don’t worry as mocks are prepared at quite high level from actual exam point of view so as to help the students to prepare better. Before the exam day remember your best mock score and try to relax without much worrying.
  • Do try to have a nice sleep night before your test.
  • Have complete rest a day before exam, do not touch any books at all. One day is not going to change the equation.
  • Remember if the section or complete paper is tough for you than its tough for everyone. So, Chillax don’t get nervous, keep yourself cool throughout the test and success will be yours.
  • As for the first time the exam will be in Online mode so there might be some technical glitches  for e.g. screen went blank, Computer gets hanged etc. Do not panic in such situations. Everytime Technical experts will be present in the examination hall, raise your hand at the very moment they will help you out.
  • Read the questions properly even if they seem sitters or familiar – there might be twist in the tale. Similarly lengthy questions might be much easier then what you have imagined.
  • Paper patterns may change over the next slot/day/week so, don’t go with the rumours ; these  whispers can do more harm than help.
  • At least go through all the questions in the section and leave no question unseen this will insure that you have left no easy question.

Please note that there are no such golden rules to crack IBPS exam, it depends upon individual to individual ability but there surely are some rules to break it like,

  • Unnecessary attempts, losing accuracy which ultimately leads to negative marking.
  • Don’t divide your time equally among sections. Keep sufficient time for the section which you think is tuff for you to crack.

Also, Enroll yourself for the practice test papers with us, these will surely help you.

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Our Team wish good luck to all our candidates. Do well.

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There are several books and study material available in the market for preparation for IBPS CWE Clerk examination. Most of these are in the form of questions asked in the previous bank clerks examination. As we tell all the time, practice is the only way to clear the bank clerk examination, these books can help you a lot in increasing your speed. Try to solve the questions in a timely manner.

You can buy some of the books online at a discount from flipkart site. Most of the books are similar and differs mostly on the paper quality. So, go for the higher priced books if you don’t want to be feel bored because of low quality paper. If you are low on cash, cheaper books will also work well for you also if you have real zeal to learn :). Only advice from our side is to practice as much as you can to be successful in the paper.

Books in English

Books in Hindi

We wish you all the best for the preparation and exam ahead. Work hard and prepare smart.

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IBPS important sample questions for General Awareness (GA) paper. Most of the questions were asked in IBPS Clerk CWE Exam conducted on 27 Nov 2011. We are not providing the answers the questions here. Please answer them in the comment sections for others.

  • Net asset Value
  • Bangladesh currency
  • RTGS – maximum and Minimum Limit
  • What is EMI’s full form?
  • ISRO – Full Form
  • LNG – Full form
  • Current Foreign Minister
  • Why did Manmohan Singh visit Bangladesh recently?
  • Novak Djokovic – What player?
  • CASA
  • Retail Loans
  • Housing Loan
  • What is no ball in cricket?
  • Oil Producing Country?
  • G20 Summit
  • ECB
  • Literature Award
  • Gagan Narang was awarded?
  • Anushka sharma _ IIFA
  • IMF is headquartered in?
  • Who is present Ex-Chairman in Ragya sabha
  •  UNESCO mainly works for?
  • World bank head quarters?
  • Which bank has the largest no of branches and atms in India?
  • All bank should follow the rules of which Act?
  • In BR Act Expand R?
  • The Ownerships of the bank is under…???
  • Question on Teesta dispute of INDIA and Bangladesh?
  • NEFT and RTGS
  • Expand EFT?
  • Saina Nehwal is related to which sport?
  • Ranji Trophy is related to which sport?
  • Montek Singh Ahluwalia got which award?
  • Which country is the largest producer of Jute?
  • 2016 summer Olympics in which place?
  • G-8 countries
  • When is the Ozone day?
  • South Sudan president/ prime minister?
  • Japan prime minister?
  • Cheque related questions
  • Non-Performing Asset
  • New president of Singapore
  • Bulls and Bears is related with
  • Who is Dipika Kumari.
  • Nationalized Banks are also called as
  • Financial Inclusion means
  • India recently with which country sign land border dispute agreement.
  • Union Agricultur e Minister at present.
  • N Rangaswamy is the new CM of Puducherry, he actually belongs to which party.?