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Base Rate Comparison of Banks in India

All public and private sector banks are using the new base rate regime. The base rate is the minimum rate that a bank will lend money to anyone. Think of it as a floor below which RBI will not allow banks to lend to you. The latest increase in the interest rates by RBI has forced major private banks like ICICI, Axis Bank, HDFC and also PSBs like SBI, PNB, CBI, BoB etc to increase their base rates.

Here is the list and comparison of the latest base rates for most public and private sector banks – (Effective Aug 2011)

Latest Base Rates for Banks

Base Rates Comparison for Banks

Previously, banks used to price the loans they offered to you on a complicated system called benchmark prime lending rate (BPLR). Each bank has its own BPLR methodology which made it difficult for borrowers to compare rates across banks.

Now, with the base rate in place, it will be easier for all of us to compare across banks and to get a more transparent view on how the interest rate for the loan is being arrived at. Here is the base rates for major banks in india. (Last Updated: Aug 18, 2011)

Bank Latest Base Rate (%)
State Bank of India 10.00
HDFC Bank 10.00
Axis Bank 10.00
ICICI Bank 10.00
Union Bank of India 10.75
Punjab National Bank 10.75
Bank of India 10.75
Central Bank of India 10.75
Bank of Baroda 10.75
Dena Bank 10.70
Canara Bank 10.75
Indian Overseas Bank 10.75
Vijaya Bank 10.65
Corporation Bank 10.65

Nation’s biggest bank, State Bank of India has increased its base rate and BPLR (Benchmark Prime Lending Rate) by 75 basis point which was kind of expected after RBI’s rate hike last week.

The SBI bank’s base rate or the minimum lending rate is now 9.25% and the BPLR is now14%.

Comparison of Base Rates

Base Rates comparison of Banks

Base Rates comparison of Banks

β€œThe increase in lending rates is in line with the policy rate rise by RBI earlier this month, which was aimed at curbing inflation,” said Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer Diwakar Gupta.

After the increase of the rate by RBI last week, several banks have increased their base rates and rates in some of the banks are now in double digits e.g. PNB, UBI, BOI.