What is JAIIB ?
JAIIB means Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. This is an associate examination held by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). The JAIIB exam is only applicable to the ordinary members of the Institute. The aspiring candidates must have completed 10th examination or its equivalent from a recognized institute. The candidates can download the application form from the official website of IIBF. They can also collect the form from the concerned Zonal Offices of the Institute. The candidates are also required to remit the exam fee along with the completed application in the respective Zonal Office.

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) is a body of banks and financial institutions and professionals in banking and finance industry in India, was established on 30th April, 1928, at the initiative of few eminent bankers, businessmen and industrialists of India.
The mission of the Institute is to develop professionally qualified and competent bankers and finance professionals primarily through a process of education, training, examination, consultancy / counselling and continuing professional development programmes.

Objective of IIBF :
1. To facilitate study of theory and practice of banking and finance.
2. To test and certify attainment of competence in the profession of banking and finance.
3. To collect, analyze and provide information needed by professionals in banking and finance.
4. To promote continuous professional development.
5. To promote and undertake research relating to operations, products, instruments, processes etc. in banking and finance and to encourage innovation and creativity among finance professionals so that they could face competition and succeed. The Institute conducts following Examinations :

A. For Members
a) Associate Examination : JAIIB / CAIIB
b) Certificate Examination in Banking Oriented Paper in Hindi (BOPH)
B. For Non – Members :
a) Diploma in Banking & Finance (DBF)
b) Certificate Examination for DSA / DMA
C. For Members / Non – Members :
a) Diploma in Treasury, Investment and Risk Management (DTIRM)
b) Diploma in Banking Technology (DBT)
c) Diploma in International Banking and Finance (DIBF)
d) Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Advising (PGDFA)
e) Certificate Examination in Trade Finance (CTF)

Syllabus For JAIIB :-
The details of the prescribed syllabus are furnished elsewhere in the booklet. Though a detailed syllabus has been prepared for all subjects, the same isonly indicative and not exhaustive.

This examination has been divided into two parts, namely, JAIIB and CAIIB. Members can appear for CAIIB only after passing JAIIB.
Subjects under each part are as under :

Name of the ExaminationName of the subject/paperName of the Topic
CAIIB   (new syllabus)
I. Compulsory Papers1.Bank Financial ManagementLeverage
Regulatory Capital
II. Optional Papers1.Rural BankingPriority Sector Lending Certificates
 Summary of Y.H.Malegam Committee Report 2011
Status of Microfinance in India
New Banking Licensing Policy & Dr.Raghuram Rajan’s Views
National Knowledge Commission and Broadband Mission
2. Retail BankingFloating Rate Term Deposits
Loans against shares and debentures
Mobile Banking
3.Co-operative BankingEligibility of Urban Co-operative Bank to engage BC
4. Information Technology1. Interbank Mobile Payment Service
2. Business Intelligence in Banking
5.Risk ManagementHigher global minimum capital standards in terms of Basel III
Recognition of permanent diminution in the value of investments in banks’ subsidiaries/joint ventures
6. Central BankingRegulatory Capital
7. Corporate BankingCore Investment  Companies


Book Summary of J.A.I.I.B./D.B.F. Workbook On Principles and Practices of Banking/Accounting and Finance for Bankers/Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking. Published by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, this is a learner’s workbook, designed especially as study material for students intending to take the Junior Associate examinations.
The JAIIB Workbook serves as study material for the Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers course, and is a preparatory guide for the course’s examinations. This is a 560-page book and was first published in 2010 by Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd. The book provides students with an insight into all the subjects, and on the kind of questions that might be asked in the JAIIB exam.

Different subjects are dealt with in separate sections. Banking Principles and Practices, Finance and Accounting for Bankers, and Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking are covered comprehensively from the exam point of view.

Objective style examples and exercises provided in the book help students attain a grasp on the subjects, and evaluate their preparation along the way. Throughout the book, theoretical concepts are explained in a simple but comprehensive style.

IIBF publishes several books on topics related to the financial sector. Some of their books are:

  • Advanced Bank Management
  • Bank Financial Management
  • Retail Banking
  • Rural Banking
  • Financial Management

IIBF also conducts contact and virtual classes, and offers e-learning facilities, apart from its books.

Details About JAIIB / CAIIB Examination :-

1. The JAIIB Examination will be of fully objective type (multiple choice)questions. Case study based questions may be asked.
2. About 120 questions per subject will be asked for the duration of two hours. The Institute may, however, vary the number of questions to be asked for a subject.
3. Each question paper will carry 100 marks.

1. The CAIIB Examination will be of fully objective type (multiple choice)questions. Case study based questions may be asked.
2. About 90 questions per subject will be asked for the duration of two hours. The Institute may, however, vary the number of questions to be asked for a subject.
3. Each question paper will carry 100 marks.

Periodicity And Examination Centres

JAIIB/CAIIB examination will be conducted normally twice a year in the months of May / June and November / December.
Institute will conduct examinations at overseas centres provided there are at least five candidates to appear from each of such centre.
A list of examination centres will be provided alongwith the Examination Application Form.

Candidates will have to appear at the centre which they choose while applying for the examination first time and for the subsequent examinations also. The venue for the examination will be advised while
issuing the examination admit card / hall ticket.

JAIIB Examination will be held under online and offline mode. Online examination will be held where necessary infrastructure facilities are available on three consecutive Sundays (one paper on each Sunday). The Institute will conduct examination under offline mode also at the centres selected for online mode examination. Examination under offline mode will be conducted on two consecutive Sundays (two papers on first Sunday and one paper on second Sunday) whereas CAIIB Examination will be conducted under offline mode only on two consecutive Sundays (two papers on first Sunday and one paper on second Sunday)

Eligibilty Criteria:

1. The Examination is open only to the ordinary members of the Institute who are in employment of the Institutions which are Institutional Members of IIBF provided individual and institutional subscription is not in arrears.
2. New members are advised of the examination for which they are eligible to appear while intimating their respective membership numbers.
3. a) Candidates must have passed the matriculation examination or its equivalent.
b) The Institute may, however at its discretion, allow any candidate from clerical or supervisory staff cadre to appear at the examination on the recommendation of the Manager of the bank / officer-in-charge of the bank’s office where the candidate is working, even if he/she is not a matriculate or its equivalent.
c) Subordinate staff of recognised Banking / Financial Institutions in India, who are members of the Institute, are eligible to appear at the examination, provided they have passed the matriculation examination or its equivalent.
4. A candidate applying for CAIIB must have completed JAIIB or Part I of the Associate examination under old syllabus.

Time Limit For Passing The Examination:

a) Candidates will be required to pass the examination (JAIIB/CAIIB) within a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 4 consecutive attempts). Initially a candidate will have to pay examination fee for a block of one year i.e. for two attempts. In case a candidate is not able to pass JAIIB / CAIIB Examination within a time limit of one year, he can appear for a further period of one year i.e. two attempts on payment of requisite fee.
b) Candidates not able to pass JAIIB/CAIIB Examination within stipulated time period of two years are required to re-enroll themselves afresh by submitting a fresh Examination Application Form. Such candidates will not be granted credit/s for subject/s passed if any earlier. However, they will continue to be granted exemption in certain subject/s based on the qualifications acquired by them earlier.
c) Attempts will be counted from the date of application irrespective of whether a candidate appears at any examination or otherwise.

Examination Fees:

The fees payable by members for appearing at the examination centres in India for the Associate Examination.
 1st Block of 2 attempts Rs.1500/-
 2nd Block of 2 attempts Rs.1500/-
 1st Block of 2 attempts Rs.1800/-
 2nd Block of 2 attempts Rs.1800/-

However, in case of members whose employer bank / financial institution is not or has ceased to be a member of the Institute, fees payable are as under :
 1st Block of 2 attempts Rs.1800/-
 2nd Block of 2 attempts Rs.1800/-
1st Block of 2 attempts Rs.2200/-
2nd Block of 2 attempts Rs.2200/-

Passing Criteria:

a) Pass : Minimum marks for pass in any subject – 50.
b) Candidate securing atleast 45 marks in each subject with an aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects of JAIIB / CAIIB in a single attempt would also be declared as having completed JAIIB / CAIIB Examination as the case may be. This benefit will not be available to canditates availing the facility of credit transfer as they would not be passing the examination in single attempt.
c) First Class : 60% or more marks in aggregate and pass in all the subjects in the first attempt.
d) First Class with Distinction : 75% or more marks in any individual subject and 60% or more marks in the aggregate and pass in all subjects in the first attempt.
e) First Class / First Class with Distinction will not be applicable to candidates availing the facility of credit transfer as they would not be passing the examination in first attempt.
f) Candidates will be allowed to retain credits for the subject they have passed in one attempt till the expiry of the time limit.

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