Every year thousands of candidates apply for Bank Job vacancies, but few of them get selected. Applicants need to be aware of certain things before they attempt the exam which can help them to get success in the exam. It is important to minimize your negative marking while attempting the paper as it decreases your score and effect your score card a lot. Candidates should not blindly do the guess work while doing the paper as insteed of increasing it decreases their marks. Candidates should keep following points in mind while attempting the paper:

1) The first n foremost thing is practice well as practice makes a man perfect and hence u wont prone to frequent mistakes.
2) Read the questions carefully specially in maths regarding d digits.
3) Avoid blind guess work.
4) Solve the confident questions first.
5) Be calm and composed in the examination hall while answering or else you would mistake the known ones too.
6) Improve your speed before hand by learning tricks rather than being panic at the last moment.
7) Read all the options well before  jumping to a conclusion .
8) Have a look over the different sections in the extra time provided and select your section of excellence in which you can perform well and fast as you would save ample  time to focus on the tougher sections and would provide a mental peace which is the most important here.
9) Do try to solve the left questions by being attentive and using your IQ and inteligence as sometimes guess work also proves lucky!
10) Do not stick to a particular question or section if you are not able to solve it just switch to some other problem and try the left ones afterwards with some freshness in your brain !

If a student follows the above mentioned points before and during the exams he will surely minimize negative marks up to a great extent and will definitely do better in Bank Exams compared to others because most of the candidates do not pay attention in minimizing their negative marking.

We wish All the Best to our candidates for the upcoming Bank Exams and hope for their success.

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