As you all know that Government has given permission to IBPS to hold common interviews on behalf of 20 Government banks so as to make a recruitment process as a single system and also to optimize time & economize on costs and save energy of all as in the year 2011-12, IBPS tested nearly 9.7 million candidates.

But now situation seems to be diacy because recently in a meeting the Finance minister Mr P Chidambaram has asked chiefs of public sector banks to play a more proactive role in hiring their employees and not to be totally dependent on IBPS to fill its vacancies. 

He also conveyed that all public sector banks should design its recruitment policy to suit its own requirement. This statement of Mr P Chidambaram will bring some kind of change now in the overall hiring process.

Candidates can be asked to name three banks where it would like to appear for interview if selected after giving written examination. As most candidates prefer bigger banks while a lot of candidates prefer banks with headquarters located near their hometown.

This statement has brought too much of confusion for everyone seeking employment in public sector banks. The bank jobs which was attractive once , have lost its charm due to several reasons for which the Government is partly responsible. We recommend you to concentrate on your Common written exam (CWE) right now, the Government will come out with some fair decision but surely it will take some time.

You can Read from here the complete article about it which was published in one of the leading newspaper recently.

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