Tips to Prepare English Paper

For English section, you must take care of  some small things.

1)You must learn the correct usage of grammar and basic of English language.

2)Sentence formation should be correct and clear .

3)Avoid the spelling mistakes.

Grammatical Part –

While Prepareing for English test,Grammar is the most important part,that you should take care. A small mistake in grammar usage can change entire meaning of sentence.So, give some time on grammar part and make your grammar portion strong.

Sentence Formation –

The correct sentence formation is very important for descriptive test where you have to give your own views on a particular topic. So, your sentences should be such, that any one can understand you easily. Follow the golden rule of sentence formation – KISS ( Keep It Short and Simple).

Spelling Mistake –

1) Avoid spelling mistakes – Nothing annoys an examiner like bad spellings so strictly avoid them.

2) Improve your vocabulary – You can use some new words, some different good words which will help you to stand out from rest of the crowd. A word of caution though – Don’t over do this.