In the banking examination, the interviews are going on for 19 nationalized banks and candidates are preparing for the interview questions. It just not only depends upon the type of questions you have been asked by the interviewer but also the way you are behaving inside the interview hall. This question wanders inside the mind of many candidates who are expecting their interview calls. Let’s share some of the points to be remembered how to behave inside the interview hall-:

  • You have to be very careful about the knowledge and presentation at the time of attending your interview. Just be sure of your intellectual skills firstly and have enough confidence so that no one can see that you are getting nervous.
  • Interview is the ending part of the process of selection so that counts several features like your confidence, knowledge, your behavior, attitude etc.
  • As you enter the interview hall and come across the interview panel members, just wish them good morning / noon as per the timings. There should be sweetness dissolved in your voice with softness. And sit confidently after they offered you.
  • While having your seat, avoid making noise of the chair and sit straight with your arms on the armrest. Do not lean or stoop forward as it looks awkward.
  • Now, its turn for the interviewer to proceed further. Never try to start yourself. Wait until he/she goes through your resume and then start answering their questions confidently.
  • Be clear and bold in your way of answering to them. Do not give long or too short answers. Speak just as it is required. If you don’t know the answer, tell them without giving wrong or incorrect information.
  • Just be honest and try to answer confidently. While answering, avoid looking here and there or around the room. Just have eye contact with the interviewer .this shows your self confidence and your positive attitude.
  • While giving the answers, don’t try to show that you are fully aware and making haste in answering it. Just be patient and calm and answer it correctly. Don’t try to be fake and vague.
  • At the last, when interviewer ends the interview, just wish them and leave the hall silently.

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