IBPS  is an institute, recognized by government of India, which got the permission from Indian government to conduct the common exam for bank jobs. It conducted PO 1, PO 2 and Clerk CWE successfully and issued Scorecard for the same.

Recently in a meeting of IBPS with Finance ministry it was discussed that candidates appearing for the common bank entrance exam may soon have to go through only one interview to land a bank job in India.
The finance ministry, in consultation with state-owned banks, is considering a centralized interview for all candidates who clear the written exam, a move that is expected to benefit lakhs of students who appear in these examinations.

If common interview for IBPS aspirants get implemented, it will have both positives as well as negative effects. Here we tried to discuss some of them.

Positives of Common Interviews :-

A common interview will help both banks and candidates by simplifying the recruitment process further and reducing the time involved in the selection process. Currently, although all state-owned banks other than the State Bank of India and its associates recruit through one common written exam, students have to appear in multiple interviews to get a job !

Common Interview is a good step to stop multiple selections as in a common interview, cutoff will also be common and we can analyze our chances of selection as well. As there would be one interview so there would be less chaos, simple n fast procedure, more economical and student friendly along with lots of similar benefits ! Also banks would be able to sort out the candidates as per there criteria and the students wont have to suffer the mental fatigue which they are facing today due to individual interviews for each bank. Hence there would only be a single selection / rejection round which is the need of the hour !

Negatives of Common Interviews :-

Common interview has a two faced stand ! Like every coin has 2 sides, the Common Interviews will also have a negative side which is the chance to get finally selected will be reduced if someone does any single mistake on the Interview day, he can lose all his chances for all 19 banks. Hence it would be a one-go chance for the students i.e if one perform well on that very day its awesome otherwise the candidate may miss final selection despite having good TWS and would have to wait for next PO / Clerical exams !

To be frank we can’t judge which one is more suitable for the candidates as main “Aim” of IBPS was to simplify the Banking Recruitment process which these individual Bank Recruitment were unable to do for past several years ! Hence IBPS concept was introduced as it claimed to be simple, student friendly system and would prevent multiple selection by selecting accurate number of candidates.
But actually common interviews are not necessary as IBPS just need to amend its policies such as it should start seizing the scorecards of selected candidates and should give only 1 final cut off as this would help to avoid the situation of over lapping and multiple selection which has proved to be a curse for the IBPS scorecard holders till date!

Please provide your views below regarding common interview policy whether it should be implemented or not and will it be benificial if implemented?

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